GoldenGate Custom Panels Focused Content

GoldenGate Custom Panels provide flexibility and high data quality across a wide range of genomes and experimental designs. GoldenGate Custom Panels are available in panels of 96 and 384–1,536 assays per OPA tube. Larger panels can be accommodated with multiple OPA tubes and the appropriate GoldenGate reagents and arrays. Panels for 384–1,536 loci are available in multiples of 96.

Preliminary Design Phase

  1. Begin from RS list, Sequence list, Regions (by coordinate), or Gene List.
  2. Submit list to Illumina Technical Support.
  3. Receive full annotation as part of standard results, which include design score, design rank, minor allele frequency (MAF), and validation status, based on recent versions of both Genome Build and dbSNP.

Final Design Phase

OPA files and ordering are easily managed online with Illumina’s eCommerce solution.