Gene Expression

Gene Expression analysis experiments involve the following major steps:

  1. Experimental Design
  2. RNA Isolation
  3. Target
  4. Hybridization to the Chip
  5. Array Data Analysis


All whole-genome Infinium products start with a broad set of tag SNPs derived from the International HapMap Project, providing unrivaled coverage and uniformity across the genome. Other valuable coverage includes SNPs within 10kb of RefSeq genes, non-synonymous SNPs, ADME SNPs, and SNPs found in the MHC region. With median marker spacing down to 1.5kb, Infinium HD BeadChips are a powerful tool for structural variation discovery and support cytogeneticists interested in high-resolution breakpoint mapping.


GoldenGate Custom Panels provide flexibility and high data quality across a wide range of genomes and experimental designs. GoldenGate Custom Panels are available in panels of 96 and 384–1,536 assays per OPA tube. Larger panels can be accommodated with multiple OPA tubes and the appropriate GoldenGate reagents and arrays. Panels for 384–1,536 loci are available in multiples of 96.

Illumina Protocols

Total RNA samples hybridized to Illumina BeadChips are prepared using the Illumina TotalPrep RNA Amplification kit from Applied Biosystems/Ambion, catalog # AMIL1791.